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Resources to Walk.Build.Proclaim in our everyday lives

More than 18-mnths ago Pope Francis took the world by storm when he was elected Pope. We have seen him boldly walk out into general audiences with what seems like little regard for his safety. We have seen him dine in the cafeteria with “Blue Collar” employees at the vatican. We have seen him bring together leaders of war torn regions to pray together for peace. Recently he took the time to call the family of local journalist James Foley who was held hostage twice in the Middle East and was recently killed by his captors.

Pope Francis has done exactly what he told the Cardinals and Bishops they should be doing, he is Walking, Building, Proclaiming.

As I bring this blog back to life with a job change, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite “resources” if you will that remind me and sometimes teach me how to Walk.Build.Proclaim

My first choice is a daily (6-days a week) podcast entitled  Pray as you go is brought to us via a Jesuit group in the UK. This is a wonderful podcast that takes one reading from each day (8 times out of 10 its the gospel of the day) and it offers the listener a chance to reflect on the day ahead of them or behind them or whatever station you are at in life. I personally listen to this podcast at the end of the day, sometimes wish that I would’ve started my day with. This is available via podcasts in itunes as well.

Daily email subscriptions: It seems that just about every website we encounter wants to use an email address, its sort of become like our student id’s can’t get anywhere without it. We can spend hours each week unsubscribing from different newsletters and promotions that we never wanted to receive to begin with. There are a handful of different resources that I was more than happy to share my email address with as I look forward to what awaits me on a fairly daily basis. (This doesn’t mean I read each of these the same day I get them! Some pile up for a couple of days and then I binge read. Here are my top 5 Favorite email Subscriptions.

  1. Today’s Reflection, this is authored by Fr. Don Talfous, a Benedictine monk at St.John’s Abbey in Collegeville,MN. Fr. Don has a way of writing about what he sees and experiences around him in the every day to scripture. This is the firs thing I read every morning.  Super easy read and always inspirational. Fr. Don always finds the good in humanity!
  2. Still Speaking, A Daily Devotional. I have been reading Still Speaking from the UCC church for about 3 maybe 4years. This is a dailly devotional that rely’s on different UCC Pastors and other people related to the UCC Church to break open a small piece of scripture. Each author has a little bit of a different flavor to them. This is something I make a point to read each afternoon.
  3. Scripture of the Day, this is a group that I was told about by a colleague with Volunteers of America, MN. Steve Moore is the author. Like Fr. Don, Steve writes short reflections on Scripture passages that relate to everyday life. I don’t always get to this one daily. But I rarely let it pile up beyond 2-days!!
  4. in the meantime, I have been following this blog since its inception 3+ years ago. David Lose, know the President of Luther Seminary in PA writes about faith and life as well as a section called Daily Bread, where he pulls apart one Gospel a year, section by section. This year we are in the middle of Matthew. This often tends to be a binge read for me. I really enjoy the “Breaking Bread” portion of the Blog. I always walk away with a new insight into the gospel or the story that David is writing about.
  5. Last but certainly not least is a blog that comes from someone I’ve written about before; Gary Neal Hansen, author of Kneeling with Giants, Learning to pray with history’s best teachers  has taken to the blogging world with Christianity as a second language.  Gary has a knack for bringing forth the very best in historical “Giants” of faith and sharing them in a way that is engaging and educational. Don’t miss out on meeting some of these wonderful role models of faith.

My very last choice for a resource to reflect on and to continue to learn to Walk.Build.Proclaim is something I’ve recently come across on twitter, its called  Sacred Space — Daily Prayer.  This too comes to us from a Jesuit organiztion, its a shortl daily reflection based on the Jesuit tradition of an end of the day examen. You can spend as much time with each slide that you’d.

Each of these resources offers different reflections and different ways to pray or just take a few minutes alone to reflect on the day and where you may have seen God at work in your day or where you maybe didn’t handle a particular person or situation quite the way you should have.

I would love to hear about other resources, apps, people to follow via blog or on twitter. I can be reached on twitter @Tracy_WBP  or follow Walk.Build.Proclaim on Facebook  WalkBuildProclaim on Facebook




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