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Be Where Your Feet Are

Have you noticed the sense of urgency in the Easter readings? It’s almost as if Peter and the other disciples just can’t get the word out about Jesus’ resurrection fast enough!

 Jesus himself can’t seem to get to His disciples fast enough either. On Easter Sunday we heard that it was the first day of the week. This past weekend, when we found Jesus in the Upper Room, we were told it was the first day of the week. Next week’s gospel reading is the story of Jesus meeting two more people on the road to Emmaus and again we’re told that it’s the first day of the week.  Jesus seemed to be in a hurry to see people and share the resurrection first hand.

 Even as we look at the readings from the Acts of the Apostles that we’ll be hearing over the next several weeks, there is a sense of urgency in getting the news of Jesus resurrection out to as many people as quickly as possible. We see Peter standing in front of large groups in the temple area speaking about Jesus resurrection. Peter and the other disciples were doing everything they could to get this message to go viral, as it were. Just imagine how quickly the message would’ve spread if Facebook or Twitter was around during that time.

 What strikes me about how quickly the disciples took action and started to spread the message is that they didn’t really take any time to be where their feet were.

 Be where your feet are is a phrase that I ran across on Twitter a couple weeks ago. My first thought was wow, that’s really a profound statement! I immediately thought: Am I were my feet are, or am I thinking about the next place I need to be or should be?

 We are very good at reacting, we are very good at planning and scheduling (over scheduling)  stretching ourselves as thin as possible. But to what end?  Do we feel more important when we are busy and over-scheduled?  What is so important that we can’t take some time to just be in the moment or the day or whatever and just take in what is happening around us?


The day that I had set aside to write this reflection was disrupted by a major appliance in our house needing to be replaced. I had very little to do with the replacing of this appliance; it was our hot water heater, it’s not like there’s a ton of choice available in choosing a hot water heater.   The day was disrupted by not only needing to take care of this inconvenience, but it was also interrupted because my husband’s aunt and uncle came over to help with the replacement. I was only expecting my husband’s uncle; now, all of a sudden I had to spend some time talking to someone and being hospitable when I really wanted to be writing and getting a handle on a number of other things. My feet were not where I was, and I knew it.

 It left me asking the question: how can we be purposeful in making sure that we are where our feet are?  How can we curve that sense of urgency to keep moving onto the next thing? 

A couple of weeks ago a young lady that I know took extra time to go to her apartment, warm up lasagna and deliver it to a couple of homeless men living under a bridge.  She did more than just give a couple of guys some lasagna on a chilly Saturday night.  She took the time to be where her feet were and she talked to the couple of guys. She learned what their names were and heard a little bit about each one of their stories.

She treated them and talked to them as people! I have been asking myself all week how many of us would take the same action that my young friend  took?  How can we really truly be where our feet are?  Do we take the time to hear the stories of people we encounter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or are we too busy thinking about the next thing I need to get done or the next place I need to be etc.

 Peter and the disciples weren’t very good at being where their feet were after Jesus-Resurrection. They were on the move. They had a message to deliver and communities to help get started. We certainly wouldn’t be continuing to celebrate the easter season without Peter and the other disciples sense of urgency to spread the message of the resurrection.

 There are times in our lives when we need to be a little bit more like the disciples we heard about in this weekend’s gospel story. Once they recognized the risen Jesus, they said; “Come stay with us. Share a meal with us”   Come, sit down, and let us all be where our feet are.

 As we head into the third week of Easter, I would invite you to be a bit more conscience of where your feet are, and whether or not your head and heart are where your feet are. Or is the sense of urgency to get to the next thing getting the better of you?




  1. Thanks for the reminder ~ Similar to another I heard last week: Look up! Not down at our phones/computers/games…

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