Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | October 1, 2013

Here I Am…

This week, I would like to take a couple of days to highlight (for lack of a better word) a couple of people who have taken on the task of Walking.Building.Proclaiming in many different ways.

They have all answered the call to serve or lead by saying, “Here I Am! Send me!”

I’d like to start with someone who heard the call and said “I’ll be right there” and drove across the county. My Uncle Mike.  My Uncle and his wife live in AZ. They’ve had enough of Wisconsin winters. (Who can blame them?!?!?)  Mike and Sandy keep themselves busy with a variety of Bible studies and other volunteer opportunities, as well as keeping up with their family on Facebook.

One of the many volunteer opportunities that my Uncle has really enjoyed and found one of his gifts in is being a hospice volunteer. Last week when he heard the call to come to WI and be with my parents as my dad is living with end-stage bone cancer, Mike selflessly said “I’ll be right there”.

When I contacted both my Aunt and Uncle to express my gratitude for giving of themselves selflessly to be with my parents, they both told me that this is God’s call, there wasn’t a second thought or a NO in our conversation.

Uncle Mike and Aunt Sandy both said, “Here I Am. Where do you need me?”

For their selfless act of love and caring, I offer the following song / video (one of my favorites) but these two truly embody what it means to Say Here I Am, to Walk.Build & Proclaim.


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