Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | September 26, 2013

Don’t Judge Me by the TV I Watch!

This week brings with it not only the change of seasons from summer to fall, but also the new TV season! I thought it would be fun to explore some of my favorite TV Shows. Beth may just make an appearance and share some of her favorites as well.

A couple weeks ago I was being taken on a tour of several different group homes that I would be ministering at. I didn’t know my tour guide very well, as we only just met during an interview, but had exchanged some emails. One would think that the conversation might start with some basic knowledge or even clarifications of the person you just hired. Nope, the first sentence as we departed for the tour was “Don’t Judge me by the TV I watch”. I’m thinking my husband watches shows like Ice-Road Truckers and Gator Boys; I try not to judge him, how bad could this be.  Turns out the two of us watch the same show and we also com away with very different perceptions of the same show, Sister Wives.

I’m not going to use this as a pulpit to blast the show or the Polygamy. I actually watch the show to learn about a different faith tradition and a different way of life. Plain and simple no more / no less.

As I thought about the new TV season and what is waiting to be recorded on our DVR, I was thinking how interesting it is where our families interest lie. Who will watch what with who? My husband and I are negotiating a “catch-up” night for Chicago Fire. My daughter is heads over heels infatuated with Gator Boys. I watched an episode with her, and I found it to have some educational value to it. The episode we watched together the guys on the gator ranch were trying to bring a blind gator back to health! Who knew?

I’m still a sucker for Grey’s Anatomy, although I watch it with less and less interest each year. Each year I wonder how much longer they can drag on these story lines?  My son is a big fan of Phineas and Ferb. I’ve actually found that show to spark some imagination and conversation. He’ll also watch a variety of Food Network shows with me. We really like Chopped and The Great Food Truck Race.

My husband watches all sorts of “Reality” shows like Pawn-Stars, Gold Rush, Ice-Road Truckers. If its fall / winter and its Packer season you can find him with a remote in his hand and yelling at the TV as though the players and coaches can hear him on the side-lines.

What have I learned from our families TV watching habits;

  • There is literally SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!
  • Because there is something for everyone we’ve actually had some interesting conversations about something we’ve learned or thought was odd / strange or just plain wrong.
  • Its okay to escape our own reality. I like to think that we have our feet on the ground and can distinguish between reality and good or bad writing / acting.
  • The TV won’t always rot your brain, contrary to what our parents told us. TV can contribute to imagination outside of the flat-screen.
  • We always have the choice to turn off the TV and find something else to do!

I love television, and I always have. Just like my taste in reading (I prefer the Enquirer, but have written 15 page essays on Shakespeare and Moby Dick) I love to watch everything from historical documentaries (I just watched a documentary on an early princess from the 1700s on Destination America) to Bridezillas. (Yep. Not regularly, but I am fascinated with why it is that someone would marry someone who treats people with absolute disdain and derision. I don’t understand it, and it is addicting.) While I don’t watch Bridezillas with any regularity (it is not on my dvr list,) I have become quite bored with ‘reality’ tv and watch very little of it, except cooking competitions on Food Network. Recently, I have begun to watch a tv show called Supernatural on TNT in the mornings at the gym. It is actually a really good show, even though I don’t believe in the supernatural. But, it is well-written, well-acted, and pretty interesting. And now that it’s fall, I need to fall back onto my favorite show of all time. I was just telling Tracy this morning that season 3 just arrived last week. My guiltiest pleasure is watching my Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries DVD’s. That was my favorite show growing up. I loved the storylines and I loved the characters. Every fall I drag them out and try to spend some time watching them. And I am NOT ashamed! (PS I used to watch Sister Wives, but can’t seem to bother myself with another season of it.) – Beth

Do you judge people by what they watch on TV? Do you think people would judge you for what you chose to watch? What TV show are you most looking forward to a new season of? OR what was your favorite TV Show/Series and why?

To go back where I started on this tour with my new boss, and his opening statement of “don’t judge me for the TV I watch”, ended with “well I’m glad I didn’t ask you in your interview if you watched Sister Wives, I may not have hired you.” He was kidding of course. It just goes to show that whether we know it or even think about it, people make passive judgments all the time based on what TV shows we watch. We could take that wasted energy of judgment to engage in conversation and learn something about each other and the world we live in if we’d engage in conversation, NOT judgment!


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