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Happy Anniversary Harely-Davidson

If you live in Wisconsin, you know that there is only one event that can eclipse the pending Packer season, a Harley Davidson Anniversary Celebration! This year Milwaukee, will play host to the 110th Harley Davidson Anniversary Celebration. This celebration is nothing new to us in Wisconsin, its an exciting time as we listen to the rumbles coming down the roads, and catch glimpses of the different license plates from all over the United States and the World. Hundreds of thousands of people will descend upon the Milwaukee Lakefront and surrounding area to celebrate their love and loyalty of Harley Davidson. Harley Logo

Milwaukee and surrounding areas are making the last minute preparations to welcome their guests and make them feel like Milwaukee is their home away from home.

Starting Wed. afternoon, people will be standing on the over pass bridges with signs that say Welcome Home Harley Riders. There is a real sense of pride, ownership and camaraderie with our guests. After all everyone is here to celebrate the legend that got its start in a small shed (13 x 18 if I remember the display sign correctly.) It has become a world wide phenomenon.  The best part is that you don’t have to be a Harley owner/rider to get swept up in the excitement.

As I’ve been watching the news coverage, listening to interviews with members of the Harley and Davidson families that are making their way to Milwaukee, I keep thinking about how this celebration really reflects St .Benedict’s Rule 53, “To greet every guest as though they were Christ” Its an invitation to reach out to strangers and welcome them to your home, whether that is your physical home or the city / state that you live in.

Business are going all out to welcome Harley Riders. Churches will be holding special services and bike blessings all weekend long.  There is a true sense that we want our guests to be as comfortable as possible. We want them to have a place to rest, some place to break bread and share a meal (in WI we don’t break bread, we break Brats).  Most importantly we want our guests to feel safe on our roads.

If you are part of that larger community known as HOGS and are coming to Wisconsin this weekend to celebrate the legend, then welcome, we’re glad you’re here. If you are one of the many businesses welcoming the Harley Riders, Thank You for your hospitality. If you are a motorist on the road this weekend in the Milwaukee area, please share the road with our visitors, we want them to come back in 2015. If you are a by-stander like myself, then try to get out to the celebration, welcome the riders, let them tell you their Harley Story.

Welcome to Home Harley Riders.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, as I get ready to get on this hog and prepare to ride,
Just let me feel your presence with me riding side by side.
Let us feel the wind together blowing across our face,
Don’t let me fail to see and smell the nature around me as I ride from
place to place.

Dear Lord, keep me safe from harm and let the other drivers see me as I ride by,
And every once in awhile even though I’m a biker let them say, “Hi”.
Keep me alert and always watching for others,
Don’t let me ever fail to stop and help out one of my sisters or brothers.

And when my time on earth is up and it’s time for me to take that ride in the sky,
Just give me a chance to tell everyone I love them and don’t forget me when I die.
Lord, Thank You for letting me be a biker and doing what I loved the best,
For the many miles I traveled, places I got to go and see before I finally came to rest.

-Dean Downey




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