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I Am….

Today we are forgoing the Red Shoe Worthy-Woman topic,  because there is an entire group of teenagers and adults that are spending the week in Benton Harbor, MI serving people that they have never met before, and will most likely never see again. They are sleeping on floors in an old school, showering at a local YMCA sort of place and eating camp food, all in the name of Service and Faith! This is the Mission Trip group from St.James in Menomonee Falls, WI.

There are 60 youth and 11 adults that are part of this group. They are all absolutely amazing and faith filled people; I know because I served on seven Mission Trips with many of these people.

Each year the camp (Youth Works) has a theme for the week, a theme that is carried thru day. This year’s theme is I Am …. When asked back in Oct. what made a mission tripper a mission tripper the answers were

I Am…….

  • A Servant
  • A Leader
  • A Disciple
  • Chosen
  • Hope
  • Brother and Sister in Christ

I Am the Hands and Feet of Christ.

No Truer words have ever been printed on a t-shirt or lived. In my ministry career, I was blessed to have participated in 20 Mission Trips all over the United States and Canada. I would guesstimate that I met and served with somewhere near 1,000 people. Each and every one of those people reflects everyone of the above I Am statements.

For EVERYONE that has given up a week (or more) of their summer in service to others, to you we award the Red-Paint Brush!


The Red Paint Brush represents selflessness, service, compassion, relationships that are are formed and nurtured for a life-time and of cours the Holy Spirit.

When I left for my 2nd Mission Trip, summer 1997 to Charmco, West Virginia my driving partner from the previous year said to me “Watch for the Dance of the Spirit”. I never forgot that and have seen that dance happen summer after summer in a different location.

To the St.James, Good Shepherd and St. Kilian Kids, Parents, Adults past and present, please know that my time on Mission Trip with each of you was a true blessing. You are all truly

  • Servants
  • Leaders
  • Disciples
  • Chosen
  • Hope
  • Brothers and Sister in Christ

The Hands and Feet of Christ 


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