Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | July 15, 2013


Every week when I do the laundry it seems to be inevitable that I find no less than .50 cents in spare change hanging around the washer and dryer. For a very long time I would pick up the change and put it in a vacation jar. One day I read a story on Pinterest about someone who created a “keep the change” jar near her washer. Whatever change was found before or after it hit the wash machine would be put into  this jar. By the end of the year she’d take the money to the bank and have somewhere around $100.00. Not a bad haul for doing laundry!

I’m quite sure that each and every one of us could think of a million different things to do with an extra $100.00. I’d like to share with you what our family is doing with our “keep the change” laundry jar. When the jar is full we are going to take it to the change counter at the bank and donate whatever amount of money we have collected and give it to a different charity. Because we are a family of four, we will each pick a different charity each time we take the jar to the bank. Some of the Charities we anticipate giving our “spare change” too are the Washington County Humane Society, Family Promise of Washington County and Washington County Habitat for Humanity.

Next time your doing laundry and you come across a small handful of change, grab an empty cup, bowl, milk jug whatever and start a “keep the change” for charity.  We’d love to hear what charities will benefit from your spare change!



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