Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | July 10, 2013

Un-Named Good Samaritan

Wednesday’s on Walk.Build.Proclaim are going to be dedicated to Women of Faith, Women that are Red-Shoe worthy.  This weeks Red-Shoe Woman doesn’t have a name that I know. What I do know is that she modeled what it means to be a Good Samaritan.

I know, I know not another “Good Samaritan” story, how many more of these kinds of stories on a blog can we possibly read?  The purpose of me sharing my experience of an unexpected “Good Samaritan” is to illustrate that it is when we are most in need that God provides help-direction-guidance when we least expect it and often from people that we least expect.

Monday morning July 8th, I was in Green Bay, WI, aka the Frozen Tundra, home of the Green Bay Packers. I was there for 2-reasons one of them being a family outing to Bay Beach, the other reason was because I was going to an interview at the Diocese of Green Bay offices.

I put the diocese office address in my phone and Siri took me in the complete opposite direction. When I found myself in the 1-gas station in the town of Sumiaco, I encountered 3 of the kindest ladies that all were all trying to get me turned around and back on the right path.

There was one woman in line who had heard my plight of being lost (wandering around Brown County) and that my interview was supposed to happen in 4-mins, clearly I was going to be late. Without missing a beat this kind and good samaritan said to me, I’m in this green jeep and I’m heading that direction come and follow me. I did just as I was instructed and somehow was only 15-mins late for the interview!

I never got this woman’s name to say Thank You properly for her kindness and generosity with her time.  To the un-named Good Samaritan I have chosen these red-shoes for you. Image

As you showed kindness and compassion to a complete stranger!

David Lose starts out his Dear Working Preacher reflection this week by saying. “This passage is so familiar it’s almost dangerous.”  I think he’s right, the passage is so familiar that we miss those Good Samaritans that come to our aide.

When you hear this gospel read this weekend at whichever church you attend, please don’t groan or tune out the person reading the gospel because you think you’ve heard this story too many times and you know it well enough, instead take a minute or two to think about all the Good Samaritans that you have crossed paths with in the last week, month, year and give thanks for them.

Prayer:  God of love, give us a deep love for you, so that we can see the world as you see it, feel the compassion you feel, and be a people whose lives mediate your love to others.

So open our eyes that we might see what the Good Samaritan saw. Grant us the insight to see the need in others, the wisdom to know what to do, and the will to do it.



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