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God’s Road Signs

One would think that after completing a 30-day blog challenge that I would not want to look at a keyboard ever again!  This week will be a much lighter week for Walk.Build.Proclaim as we take a little bit of a breather  and work out the kinks of our new and exciting format.

There has been something on my mind a lot lately, and I’m going to guess that I am not the only one that feels lost or confused,

which way?

or feels like they have run into a barricade from time to time.


Lately I’ve been asking myself does God make U-turns for us in our lives because we missed something along the way that He wanted us to see or hear?

u turn

I was at Mass on Saturday night and heard one of my favorite stories from the Old Testament, 1 Kings 19. 16B, 19-21  Elisha’s Call.  I heard it in a new way this week.  Elisha is a young boy working on his families farm when the prophet Elijah comes along, puts his cloak over him.  Elisha knew that this meant he had been chosen by God to travel with and learn from Elijah. Elisha said to Elijah, “give me a minute I want to say good-bye to my family.”  Elisha wanted to make a quick detour; he wanted to double check his map, maybe take a few minutes to make some u-turns before he could move forward and follow Elijah.  Elijah wasn’t having it. He said it’s now or never!

Last week was a whirlwind of activity for myself and my family on the job front. Looking back, it was as if Elijah had come to our house threw his cloak on me and said let’s go. Feeling a little bit taken by surprise, and somewhere overwhelmed, I have been the one looking for the u-turns and the detours instead of just buckling up for the ride to see where it leads.

It wasn’t Elijah who said to me “its now or never.” It was a combination of people, friends, my kids that keep saying “what do you have to lose?” Go ahead test the waters, check it out. God will help you with a u-turn if its needed.

This week I ask you to think about those times in your life that you felt lost, confused, barricaded, the road was closed for repairs and you needed to detour, were those times that God was using different road signs to give you a message?  Maybe God was trying to help you gently make a U-Turn.

Prayer: Lord, we know that there are times in our lives when the road has been closed, detours posted, we didn’t know which fork in the road to take. We ask your help and guidance in reading those road-signs and following the road you have laid out in front of us, completely understanding that from time to time we’re going to be asked to make a u-turn.  

God-U turns



  1. Understand the need for a breather! I completed the Blogathon, as well; and I, too, will be redesigning my site (and switching servers for expansion). This weekend will be “techy” weekend – for a non-tech person. Yes, gonna be a lot of prayer going on! LOL

    Best wishes for your site updates/upgrades. And…get some rest. 🙂

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