Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 27, 2013

Tech Thursday ….Faith to Face & Pray as you go

I have served on the Technology in Faith Formation Committee with the Milwaukee Archdiocese since its inception four years ago.  This is an amazingly creative and innovative group of people to work with.  One of  my favorite parts of our time together is sharing new websites, apps, videos, tips and tricks, etc….

In the last few weeks I have been trying to listen to and use this wonderful podcast  Pray as you go. This is a freebie in the itunes and Google Play stores. It’s eitght to 12 minutes of music, scripture and reflection. It’s put together by a Jesuit group in England.  There is a different podcast for each day; the best part is that you can take it with you. It was literally designed to help people pray as they go on an phone, ipod, or ipad! It’s a wonderful prayer tool.

My second new find in the last week was this new series shared by Fr.James Martin, SJ on Facebook (Twitter too)  “Here’s a great new series from Vatican Radio, “Face to Faith” in which viewers and listeners can get to know prominent Church leaders through one-on-one conversations about their personal journeys in faith and how the faith informs their thought, action and general way of seeing the world. The first Face to Faith series features Louis Cardinal Tagle of Manila (a recent papabile) and is in five parts, each of four to five minutes’ length. The first installment is already released, and can be found below. New installments will appear every three days, Sats and Suns.”

I watched the first “episode” in this series and thought it was well done. Faith 2 Face earns a spot in this Tuesday Tech & Sharing spot.

Back to the Technology and Faith Formation Committee for a minute. We are always looking for new tips, apps, videos etc…that can primarily be used in the setting of Christian Formation (aka CCD). If you have any new finds or favorite tools. Please feel free to share them here.


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