Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 25, 2013

Walk. Build. Proclaim …. Inspiration

I can’t believe that we are 25 days into the 30 Day Word Count Challenge. What a great experience this has been! I’ve personally learned many tips. One of the questions that has been asked over and over during this blog challenge has been where do you find inspiration / ideas for posts?   I’d like to share where the first inspirations came from for this blog and where I continue to find inspiration. Come with me as we take a very short walk down memory lane.

Sunday March 18th, the 5th Sunday in Lent 2013, my family and I attended Mass at St.Joseph Parish in Grafton, WI. This is the last Sunday before Palm Sunday. This was also the first Sunday Catholics all over the world were going to Mass after Pope Francis’ election as the new pope. Their was excitement surrounding who this new Pope would be, what changes he might bring. We didn’t have to wait long to see what Pope Francis’ vision for the church would be, Fr. Steve Lampe, assisting priest at St.Joseph Parish in Grafton, WI would give many of us our first glimpses of what it would mean to Walk. Build. Proclaim. Invite you to sit back and listen to Fr. Steve’s homily (its about 18-mins in length). Fr. Steve Lampe, Homily Sunday March 18th, 2013

After this homily, I knew that the Catholic Church and the world were in for something extra special with Pope Francis. As I wrote last Wed. Papa Francesco  Pope Francis has not ceased to capture the attention of Catholics and Christians all over the world.

He truly is a role model for Walking. Building and Proclaiming. He was and is the foundational inspiration for this BLOG.

Where do I continue to draw inspiration for this blog, my kids, my husband, friends, social media to a certain extent, our new parish family and the world around me. There is so much good that happens, so many examples of Walking. Building.Proclaiming that its sometimes hard to pick and choose what to write about.

For those of you that are finishing this 30 Day Blog Challenge, feel free to share where you’ve drawn your inspiration from for the last 25-days. For all of you that Walk. Build and Proclaim in your own lives, families and communities, we say Thank You for sharing in these last 25-days with us!


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