Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 20, 2013

His Eyes

When you think about God, what image comes to mind? Is it a father figure, a mother, something more abstract?  As we’ve been celebrating Fathers this week, I thought that it was only fitting that we spend a little bit of time with our Heavenly Father.  What do we call God? Do we believe that we are a child, son or daughter of God?  How do these thoughts and feelings affect our relationship with God.

Jeremiah 1.5 tells us that before we were formed in the womb, God knew us. Before you were born, God set you apart.  This is really a pretty intimate story of creation. God knows us as a parent knows their child. God longs to have a relationship with us.

What do you call God?   Jesus called God, Abba. In the book The Shack, Nan, the wife of the main character Mac calls God, Papa. Two examples (one fictional) about that intimated relationship with God. Two examples of people that have completely given themselves to their relationship with a Heavenly Creator–Father.

One of my favorite songs — prayers that always reminds me that I am a child of God is His Eyes, Steven Curtis Chapman. Its a wonderful reminder that there is nothing we can do to disappoint our Heavenly Father.

Pope Francis wants to remind people that their heavenly Father loves them too: Christian witness thru words, thru smiles tells others “I have a Father, I am not an orphan, I am loved” and they are too

Prayer: God, our heavenly Father. Thank you for keeping watch over us, protecting us and guiding us. May we always remember that you have known each and every one of us before we were ever formed in the womb. May we always remember that we have been set-apart to bring the good news of your love to others. 



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