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Papa Francesco

On March 13th, 2013 the world waited with great anticipation as the news of white smoke billowing out the sistine chapel started spreading. Who would it be?  Would have our first American Pope, would it be someone from Africa or Asia?

The world got its answer  when we met Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who took the name Francis.  This blogger remembers watching ABC News and listening to the chants of the Latin American people in St.Peter’s Square as they called out Papa.

We quickly learned why Francis was given the moniker Papa. Francis has a fatherly way about him. He puts others (the church as a whole) before himself. He refuses to live in a lavish apartment; he says Mass on a daily basis for the average vatican staffer. He limits the use of the “pope mobile” and walks to be with the people.  He has a clear message, one  that resounds with grandfatherly wisdom.

Your job is to Walk. Build and Profess, he told the Cardinals at his first Mass after being elected. March 14th, 2013 

Do you love the church?

Do you pray for the church?

Do you feel a part of this family?

What do you do to make others feel heard and understood?”

–Pope Francis, May 29

“Christian life isn’t spa therapy to give us peace til we reach heaven,” it’s all about sharing Gospel. 

Eternity “will not be boring.”

Long faces cannot proclaim Jesus.”

War is madness. It is the suicide of humanity.”

We are not part-time Christians.

There is also a Facebook Page  Pope Francis Quotes on Facebook  Twitter is always abuzz with Francisim’s or stories that link back to Pope Francis like this story. Pope Francis was among the top 5 posts on reddit last week Meet on another there . Want more Pope Francis #PopeFrancis or @Pontifex

Pope Francis — Papa Francesco is certainly more than a social media mega star. He is a Father-Figure in the Catholic Church, for that we are thankful.

Prayer: What a wonderful gift you have bestowed upon us in this courageous leader! 
We thank you for your continued guidance of our Most Holy Church, and we pray you continue to extend your blessings to our Church Fathers and all your faithful. 
We ask that you be with Francis as he continues on this journey of, shepherding, stewarding, and renewing the flock.



  1. As someone who left the Catholic church several years ago, I have to admit this pope is giving me a lot to think about. Thanks for the post; I’m going to link it in my Saturday roundup!

    • Pope Francis is a breath of fresh-air. I never thought I’d ever blog about a Pope. I look forward to his words of wisdom each day.
      Thanks for including Walk.Build.Proclaim in your round-up, we are honored!

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