Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 15, 2013

My Red-Shoes

This has been an amazing week of hanging out with some absolutely amazing women!

For each woman that was highlighted this week there are probably eight others that could have been chosen.  So many wonderful examples of women that have Walked, Built and Proclaimed. All of these women are wonderful role models for us 2,000+ years later.

There are many more examples of Red-Shoe worthy women that we will meet in the coming weeks. Thursday will become a Red-Shoe Women’s Day after this blogathon challenge has concluded.

I had such a great time meeting these women this week and learning from them and helping to chose Red-Shoes to honor each of them, that I thought it would be fun to look for Red-Shoes for myself. I thought about all the different roles that I have in my life.

I’m a mom of 11 year old twins, so I need something practical.


Then I found this pair of red-shoes. They represent my 17-years as a youth minister, they are both practical and a little bit tired.


I am also a wife (far from a June Cleaver sort of wife, though.) blog shoes 2

So many red-shoe options. After sorting through dozens and dozens of red-shoes, it occurred to me that each of us needs to have a variety of red-shoes at our disposal.


Some days we are going to be called to be the welcome wagon, other days we are going to be asked to be the hostess for an important dinner guest, and still other days we are going to have the opportunity to sit and listen. We always need to have that one pair of bold shoes for emergencies.

As we say good-bye to these wonderful red-shoe worthy women, I’d like to offer this prayer:

Prayer: God, we thank you for all these wonderful examples of women of faith. Women that have Walked. Built and Proclaimed. Women that have taught us how to be welcoming, good listeners, women that knew when to be bold and women that knew how to seek forgiveness. We thank you for all of these women who were role models of faith.  


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