Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 9, 2013

Red Shoe Women


A few weeks ago I was introduced to the tradition of women graduates from Garret Seminary wearing Red-Shoes at their graduation.  Red-Shoes stand for The Holy Spirit, Critical Thinking and Feminist Theology. As I learned more about the variety of red-shoes that are chosen by women, everything from flip-flops and tennis shoes to heels, I kept thinking why don’t other faith traditions have “red-shoes” tradition?  How do we recognize women of faith? Women who are leaders in their faith tradition? Women who have Walked, Built and Proclaimed?

History is full of examples of such women, Theresa of Avila, Catherine of Sienna, Dorthy Day, Rosa Parks and we could go on and on…

Scripture is also full of examples of women who served, who walked, built and proclaimed in the name of faith. Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarah…. I often wonder what kind of  red-shoes each of these women would chose to wear today?

This week we are going to meet many  different woman of faith from scripture. Each woman has a unique role and or story to tell.  Each day this week a new woman will be chosen to meet  and reflect on their stories of strength and the role each of these women had in their own community. I will share why I chose the women I chose and why they are Red-Shoe worthy women.  For a little bit of fun I’ve picked a pair of red-shoes for each of these women. The shoes are as different as the women. I hope you enjoy meeting these women and maybe seeing them in a different way as the week goes on.

You can read about the Red-Shoe Tradition at Garret by clicking on this link. Red Shoe Tradition

Look for Red-Shoe Thursday’s after this 30-day Blogging challenge comes to an end.

Prayer: We thank you God for the saints of all ages; for those who in times of darkness kept the lamp of faith burning; For the great souls who saw visions of Larger truth and dared to declare it; For the multitude of quiet and gracious souls whose presence has purified and sanctified the world; and for those known and loved by us, who have passed from earthly fellowship into the fuller light of life with you.  From  Praying Our Lives. A Woman’s Treasury of Catholic Prayer. , Elanor Bernstein, C.S.J.


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