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Adele and Psalm 139 a Heavenly Combination

This week Walk. Build. Proclaim has been sharing a variety of ways to pray. We’ve walked humbly with our God, we have rested in Gratitude, we have added layers of prayer (mortar) to our house, we have looked at a variety of apps to help us pray on the go and we have been quiet and still and let our God love us, tomorrow (saturday) we’re going to kneel with giants.  Two aspects of prayer that are a little bit lacking this week are scripture and music.  Today we are combing these two elements of prayer into what is known as an ipod devo.

What is an Ipod Devo?  These are a wonderful prayer tool for small groups that I picked up at a Media Savy Pastor conference at Princeton University in the Fall of 2011.  An ipod Devo is a mixing of music and scripture. These do take a little bit of scripture knowledge and creativity to create, once you practice with 2 or 3 different combinations they become easier.

I am going to share 2 different ipod devos, one is good for individual use and the other is great for small group discussions, especially Confirmation classes.

ipod devos

We’re going to start with Adele’s version “To Make you Feel My Love” and Psalm 139  (grab your bible, I’ll wait).

Start by finding a quiet place that you will be able to spend some time in God’s presence. Take 3-deep cleansing breaths and slowly read Psalm 139. As you read Psalm 139 you should notice that the Psalm speaks of a deep and abiding relationship between the Psalmist and God. Its almost as though they are writing love letters to each other.  Take a few minutes and read Psalm 139.  Answer these questions

  • what word or phrase speaks to me?
  • If I were to write a love letter to God what would I say?
  • How does it make you feel to know that God knows you and loves you so intimately
  • add your own thoughts, questions, reflections….

Step 2 is to close your eyes and listen to the words of the song “To Make you Feel my Love”  DON’T watch the video, put your headphones and just listen.

repeat the same questions that used when you read Psalm 139.

Step 3: read Psalm 139 one more time.

  • was there anything different about your reading the second time thru? new words, phrases, thoughts?
  • spend a few minutes with God, share with God what is on your heart as you listen to this song and read these words of love between God and the Psalmist.
  • If your so inclined write a love letter to God!

Ipod Devo #2 is a combination of the Call of Samuel, 1 Samuel 3 and the song “I Will Follow” by Chris Tomlin.

Again we’re going to start with the scripture reading 1 Samuel chapter 3 vs. 1–18

Questions for discussion:

  • how would you respond to God’s call if you were Samuel? Would you have gone to Eli or would you have instinctively known it was God?
  • Where have you had encounters of God’s voice and thought it was someone or something else?
  • What do you think about Samuel’s response, Speak, for your servant is listening? would you be able to answer in the same way? what would your response be?

Questions for Song:

  • Is there any particular verse or phrase that stands out to you?
  • do you have any reservations about following?  If so what are they?

Read 1 Samuel 3 vs 1-18 one more time, pick one or two of the following discussion questions (or add your own).

  • What connections do you see-hear between the scripture text & the song?
  • Where do you see yourself in the conversation between the song and the scripture text?
  • Do you feel like your ready to follow…??
  • what might be holding you back from answering God’s Call to follow?

I have found that Ipod Devo’s are a great way to engage students, especially young adults in discussions surrounding scripture and how it speaks to us in the 21st Century. If you find a couple of people that are really into a variety of music and can make recommendations for a variety of music, ipod devo’s can be a fun and creative way to pray.


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