Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 6, 2013

Let Your God Love You

I have the attention span of a three yr old. I am always moving from one task to another. I’m always looking for the next project or challenge (probably how I got myself involved in this 30 day blog challenge!)  I’m guessing no one will be overly surprised when I say that I have a very hard time with being alone and quiet.  I have a very hard time walking with our dogs and NOT listening to my iPod. Whether it’s a podcast or music, I always feel like I need some sort of sensory stimulation.  It may come as somewhat of a surprise that one of my favorite prayers is a prayer about being Quiet, Still, and just being God’s presence.

This prayer is one that I have at the ready in the notes app on my phone, because it brings a quiet and stillness that is sometimes needed in our ever busy lives.  I wanted to share with everyone today as we are in day six of this Blog Challenge and some of us may be feeling fatigued by the daily grind of writing. I would invite you to back away from your key-board, find a quiet place, take three deep cleansing breaths and Let Your God Love You. 

Let Your God Love You

Be silent.
Be still.
Before your God.
Say nothing.
Ask nothing.
Be silent.
Be still.
Let your God look upon you.
That is all.
God knows.
God understands.
God loves you
With an enormous love,
And only wants
To look upon you
With that love.

Let your God—
Love you.

Journey with Jesus. Edwina Gately.


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