Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | June 3, 2013

Prayer, There’s an App for that!

We made it day 5 of the #blog2013 challenge.  Today many bloggers are posting about their favorite apps. We thought we’d join in the theme of the day and post our Top 5 prayer apps. Well Top 4 really, one of these apps is about charity. That’s right there are lots of different apps to assist you in your prayer life! Beth and I tried to pick a variety of apps that we both like for different reasons.  Feel free to share your favorites with us and our readers as well.

The following are some apps that  Beth and I use on a pretty regular basis.

1.  This first one is a new-comer in my life. I’m still getting used to using it, but I do like it and it is accessible via iPad or laptop (desktop) as well. It is Pray as You Go. (available for free in the iTunes store and Google Play store.)  each day is a 12-min mix of music, scripture, reflection questions.

2.   The Psalms App. again a freebie in the iTunes and Google Play stores. It contains all 150 Psalms. They are separated into categories, you can favorite different Psalms. Its a nice app if you are somewhat familiar with the Psalms to begin with or just have a few favorites.

3.  I am a big fan of the Podcasts store via iTunes, you can subscribe to certain people, organizations. If your place of worship records sermons, 8 times out of 10, you’ll be able to find those sermons via iTunes podcast. I personally follow 3-different people that are all really good speakers. Once you find one style that you like iTunes will pull together similar styles. Mix and match what you like. I’m personally a fan of Fr. Mike Walker from Shepherd Catholic in S.Oregon, as well as Pastor Bob Ullman from Redeemer United Church of Christ in Sussex. I also like Working Preacher Narrative Lectionary, by Dear Working Preacher out of Luther Seminary in the Twin Cities.

4. The Bible app by YouVersion. It is available on Kindle and for Iphone/Ipad. This app offers a verse of the day and different communities you can join. I personally like it because they have hundreds of different plans that you can subscribe to that take anywhere from one day to one year and each one is about five or ten minutes to read through. You can choose which version of the Bible you want to read from and what language.

5. This one of my favorite apps, because it combines exercise and giving to charity at the same time. Charity Miles. Download Charity Miles, pick the charity of your choice (I think there are 15-charities to choose from right now). select, walk, run or bike and for every mile you walk, run or bike, the charity of your choice will get a donation on your behalf. I’ve been using this app since last Oct and have logged well over 225-miles for a variety of charities.

Prayer is something that invites variety and creativity and sharing.  Do you have a favorite prayer app that you’d like to share?  We’re always open to trying new things.


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