Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | May 13, 2013

She is Clothed in Dignity and Strength

Last week we spent a little time looking at the role of Mary as a mother. She certainly is the ultimate role model of faith and motherhood. There are also stories of women in scripture who struggled to have a child but held steadfast in their faith that one day God would bless them with a child. The three women who come to mind are Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth. These three women (and many others) are the embodiment of Proverbs 31.25:  She is clothed in strength and dignity.              

In biblical days children were somewhat of a status symbol. It meant that God gave you the ultimate gift. If you didn’t have children there was something very obviously wrong with you. But was there? Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth were all women of great faith and husbands that were of stature in their community. (We don’t know a lot about Hannah’s husband). Why was God withholding this precious gift of a child from them?  It was a great mystery.

Fast-Forward a couple thousand years and not a lot has changed. If you are a young woman who has been married for more than two years and you don’t have children, there is a judgement that you must not be trying to have a baby or you just don’t want children. When the reality is that millions of couples struggle to have children.  Those too are the women who embody Proverbs 31.25 and are clothed with strength and dignity. These are the women that need to face the world each day knowing that they are struggling in silence.

These issues are complex and can be costly, not just monetarily, but emotionally as well. In the last couple weeks, I’ve had encounters with two young women who are having different issues with having a family of their own. Being a mom who was blessed with healthy twins, my heart aches for them.  These two young women both have strong faiths like Sarah, Hannah & Elizabeth. I know that one day God will bless them with the gift of children.

If you are a parent who is reading this blog, hug your kids a little extra tighter today. If you encounter a young couple that doesn’t yet have a family, watch your step around them; you don’t want to trip over their cloak of strength and dignity as they walk the path they are on.

To any of young women who are struggling to have children. Happy Mother’s Day (a day late). You are a role model of faith, strength and dignity. Something every parent should strive to be. Proverbs


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