Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | April 10, 2013


The meteorological calendar tells us that it’s spring. If  you live in Wisconsin, or the Midwest in general, you know that spring is having a really hard time arriving this year. There is a general sense of restlessness among people. We had what seemed like a really long tough winter, and we’re ready for some sunshine and a string of 60-degree days to dry things out. People are itching to get out and walk, bike, fish etc….we’re ready for NEW LIFE!

This weekend’s gospel has that same under-current theme of Restlessness. A couple of days have passed since Jesus’ death, the disciples just don’t know what to do with themselves and they’re tired of hiding out, Peter leads the group out to do something they are very familiar with, fishing!!  The fishing isn’t going all that well until day-break when the disciples are told to cast their nets to other side of the boat. Low and behold they are able to secure a large catch of fish, and they know that this can only mean one thing, Jesus has returned to them. (see ful gospel text at

Everyone seems to be having a great morning on the beach; there’s food, conversation and best of all their beloved friend is with them again. Soon the conversation will turn to a conversation between Peter and Jesus.  Jesus is going to ask Peter three times, “Do you love me?”  Peter looks at Jesus sort of dumbfounded and a little bit frustrated that Jesus would question his loyalty and love. The restlessness of where is this conversation going seems to keep coming back time and again as Peter’s answer becomes more and more emphatic that “YES Lord, I love you!”

Jesus’ question to Peter is a question that Christians face every-day: Do we trust God enough to let God love us and do what God is going to do in our life? Or, are we a little bit more like restless like Peter and when things don’t seem to be moving forward,  and because we become restless,  do we revert to what we know – that which is comfortable and familiar in our lives?

Like springs slow arrival in the midwest, sometimes the new life and new opportunities to Walk, Build and Proclaim are so in coming as well. It is when we step aside and trust God to do God’s work in our life that new life is wonderful and worth the wait!

As we await spring and signs of new life in the Midwest, I would invite you to spend some time letting go of the restlessness in your life,  do some spiritual spring cleaning to make room for God to work in your life.

As the Easter season continues and we continue to Proclaim Alleluia he is Risen!!!


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