Posted by: Walk.Build.Proclaim | April 7, 2013

Welcome to Walk.Build.Proclaim

Welcome to Walk. Build.  And Proclaim., a blog that was inspired by Pope Francis’ First words to the Cardinals on March 14th, 2013.  Pope Francis told the Cardinals that it was their job to Walk, Build and Proclaim. (read full homily text:

As I reflected on those words, I thought to myself Walking, Building and Proclaiming is not just the job of the Cardinals, rather that is the job of any disciple!

We are to walk as children of the light and be companions on the journey with one another.

We are to build the Kingdom of God right here where we are in this time and space.

We are to proclaim the good news to all those we meet, in a way that they will hear and understand. Actions speak louder than words!

I (Tracy, Author of blog) have teamed up with my very good friend Beth as the Editor of this blog (meet us in the about section) to create this weekly blog that will reflect on different ways that we as everyday Christians and professional ministers can Walk, Build and Proclaim.

This blog will be updated once a week with scripture reflections that will help us to walk, build and proclaim. Because I am writing from the perspective of 17-years in Youth Ministry in the Milwaukee Archdiocese I will likely share some of my experiences of  Walking, Building and Proclaiming.

Keep an eye on the “upcoming events” tab as this is where I’ll preview scripture that will be reflected on from week to week. You can find us on Facebook or Follow Us via email.

Join us for the Journey of Walking, Building and Proclaiming!


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